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Real Girl Sex Say Hi To My Cunt

Hi, my name is Blaze Burnz. I’m a eighteen-year-old teenage mom from Colorado Springs, CO and I’m new to smut so I thought I would introduce you to my shaved teenage cunt. My career in smut all started when my sick perverted brother decided he wanted vengeance for something stupid I did and he pimped me out to the old man that runs Bring Me Your Sister. At first it was a little weird fucking on camera but I soon got used to flashing my coed pussy for the camera and I had soon done shoots for the great amateur sex smut sites “Real Colorado Girls” and “Glass Mannequin“.

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Blaze Burnz Hot Young Mom

Now that you’ve met my cunt, let me tell you a little more about me. As I said above, I’m an 18-year-old small woman from Colorado. I have brown haired hair, a pierced clit and a number of really cool tattoos. I love fucking so this job was made for me. I love filming old fart fucking teens smut as much as I love a quick lesbian cunt muncher photo set. My friends all call me a little skank but that’s just because the little floozies just wish they were getting paid to have their wet pussy filled with a fat throbbing cock. But enough about me – to see more of my shaved teenage pussy be sure to visit Bring Me Your Sister, Real Colorado Girls or Glass Mannequin today – sign-up for one and get full access to all three.

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Short Cam Girl Sex Teen Squirting Video Clip

I’ve known quite a few dwarf coeds in my day but the super perverted Kyanna Raves is as petite as any real girl; I’ve ever filmed and in this vid, this petite coed not only takes a thick penis, she manages to squirt enough that both the guy she’s fucking and the entire camera crew is soaked.  Kyanna Raves is another one off those real girl-next-door amateurs that loves to fuck but never wanted to go past the amateur sex porno stage. Lucky for us, Kyanna Raves decided to do her first porno with Glass Mannequin Productions – doing her  first shoot on Bring Me Your Sister and then following up with a few shoots on Glass Mannequin, this sexy coed not only loves sex, she loves to be filmed.

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Kyanna Raves

In her latest vid, this petite nineteen-year-old squirts on camera for the first time. It’s not everyday that we shoot a squirting vid but when we do, we do it right. Both her friend and the camera guy got soaked when this super-cute dwarf coed started squirting – maybe we should issue rain coats to the crew. Of course, getting new bedding was also in order after Kyanna spanked her swollen muffy and squirted all over the bead spread. This hot squirting vid can only be viewed on Glass Mannequin.

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Kyanna Squirting

Of course, if you don’t like amateur sex porno, then there is no real reason to visit Glass Mannequin, the best real amateur sex porno site on the internet. But if you like watching cute legal coeds getting fucked in every possible environment then take a look. And when you join, you will get to watch the entire squirting vid of Kyanna along with hundreds of clips and picture sets of her and her amateur sex friends.

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Squirting On The Camera Guy

See more amateur sex porno clips including this hot squirting vid of Kyanna – only on Glass Mannequin.

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Amateur Sex Couple Fucks Cam Girl Sex Like Pros

There are so many smut shoots in the Internet and that it is almost impossible to separate the cute "real girl next door" teenagers from all the bullshit but there are still coed lovers who stand out from the crowd and should be discovered by the world.

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These teenagers don’t need to prove anything to anybody, they simply love to fuck and are willing to share that love with the world. They fuck in their abode and they don’t try to "act" for the camera – they just share their lust (and coed orgasms) with the world. Enjoy the full length video as well as as well as other outlawed passion and pleasures.

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Amateur Sex Cam Girl Sex Sex Carpet-muncher Sex

Faith and Sadie are two coed chicks exposed for the first time on and now exposed on for coed lovers everywhere to enjoy.  These two amateur sex chicks really get into each other and with over 500 high-quality images of their lesbo antics, there is plenty of good material to jerk off to.  My recommendation is to check out these tow chicks on and as a bonus, you get full access to two exclusive bonus sites at no extra charge.

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Amateur coed Lesbians

Of course, there are lplenty of shaved coochie pictures of theses two lesbians – and no shortage of images where one of them has her tongue burried in the other’s little coed cunt. See all the pictures at

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Real Girl Sex Richard Nailder Fucks Thena Sky

Thena Sky has been a friend of mine since just after her 18th birthday. This sexy girl sex-next-door is really the “girl sex next door” living only a few blocks from me she often hangs out at my place with her friends or alone and even lived at the flat with her ex-boyfriend for a while. Thena did her first amateur sex teen porno scenes when she was 18. At first she did just solo masturbation and girl sex-girl sex scenes then doing her first boy-girl sex hardcore with me before moving to Chicago for a few months. Thena has returned a number of times and it’s always a pleasure to stuff my fat old schlong deep in her tight little teen cooder. This picture was taken of me and the crew after a day of shooting with Kaydence Skye and Thena Sky in Las Vegas.

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Beaver Bob, Thena Sky, Richard Nailder, Kaydence Skye and Rick

You can see me fucking these hot amateur sex teens on Glass Mannequin

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