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Kaydence Cam Real Girl Skye’s First Orgasm

The first time I fucked Kaydence she owed her brother cash so he had pimped her out to Bring Me Your Sister in her first smut vid to get his cash back. Well, Kaydence never was one to do what her brother wanted so she stole the cash back – now her brother and I were looking to make her earn the cash again. After the first time I fucked this hot little hard-bodied coed she had told me that she had never had an orgasm while making love to a man. And to be honest, she didn’t have an orgasm the first time we had fucked but this was about to change. Kaydence Skye was about to have her first on-screen orgasm with a man.

Back to the story of Kaydence Skye’s first on-screen orgasm and the first orgasm that she had ever had with a man…………… The last time we fucked I had her close to cumming a few times but I just couldn’t find the spot so this time I decided to spend a little more time on her clit. Like many girls, Kaydence needs clitoral stimulation to reach climax so it was now my mission to find out what kind and how much. Flickering my tongue over her clitoris I gently slid one finger an inch or so into her wet coed cooch and put the other hand on her belly just above her pelvic bone. This way I could feel her muscle contractions with my fingers and I could watch her breathing and facial expressions as I licked her now puffy clitoris.

One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that we men often do the right thing to get a woman to climax – we just don’t do it long enough. I decided that I had all the time in the world as long as Kaydence was willing to play with. Soon I could feel her vaginal contractions intensify and her breathing started to get irregular so I knew I was doing the right thing. Now to do it long enough for her to reach an orgasm. My tongue felt like it was going to fall off and my hand had a cramp in it but I continued to flick my tongue over her clitoris with the same speed and pressure as I worked my finger gently, almost unnoticed around the edges of her now wet and throbbing vagina.

As I looked up at her face, she almost completely stopped breathing and although her eyes were closed, I could see that they were moving as if she were in the REM phase of a good dream. Sliding my finger deeper into her now pulsating muff, I flicked my tongue slightly harder and faster on her clitoris. Gently squeezing her firm left breast with my right hand, I continued to finger her cooch and munch her clitoris and she started to arch her back and buck in the first throws of a building climax. Now guys, DON’T STOP HERE! – maintain what you were doing. Kaydence moaned and giggled as she curled her toes and arched her back in the final throws of her climax. Once over the “hump”, Kaydence’s clitoris is so sensitive that she can’t tolerate any more stimulation – pushing my blow job away she completed her orgasm. “Oh God I’m Cumming” ;-)    I’ll be posting all of Kaydence Skye’s “sister smut” on Bring Me Your Sister so check it out today!

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Teenager Carpet-muncher Real Girls Play With Cam Cam Girl Dildos

Redhead LadyLez and brunette ThenaSky teen amateur porn models dildo gfm plts gnd

When I asked Lady Lex and Thena Sky if they wanted to make an amateur sex smut together, they both jumped at the offer. Lady had been waiting to get hold of the firm-bodied Thena and now she was going to get to fuck her on camera. On the day of the filming, Lady selected a couple of dildos from my sex-toy collection as I set up the lights. As soon as I was ready, the cam girls moved to the bedroom and started making out. It wasn’t long until they were kissing and feeling each other’s firm coed bodies. I tried to concentrate on taking photograph but it was impossible not to get an pecker – as the cam girls worked the sex-toy’s in and out of their wet beavers.

Watching Thena’s perky little titties and Lady’s full natural cans, I could not help but to dream what it would be like to ram my hard erection into their wet beavers – my mind wandered and I imagined that it was my erection in Thena’s tight coed cunt. I had no idea that with a few days, I would get the chance to feel my erection in her tight wet muffin.

Back to the shoot of these two bi-sexual coed cam girls… Thena and Lady had a exquisite time testing testing out my collection of sex toys. Lady worked Thena’s tight cunt with the pink sex-toy until she had her squirming and cumming in waves. Thena then returned the favor…. and all I could do was take photograph. If you like coed muffin half as much as I do, you should check out all the photograph here.

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Real Girl Cute Joy Takes A Nice-looking And Steamy Shower

Cute Joy Gets Wet blonde amateur teen gnd booty plts shaved skinny athletic

Take a look at these very sexy film films of Cute Joy. She’s enjoying a very hot and steamy shower. It starts off very innocent, with her just washing her tight coed body. But with the film camera watching her, she starts to get very horny. Soon she’s starting to get very errant.

Soon she’s fondling her pointy fun bags. They’re so sensitive, especially her nipples. The rubbing and caressing is really turning her on now. She pinches her nipples and starts to softly moan. Soon she can’t stop herself. She starts to massage her ultra sensitive clit. Then she starts to finger her soaking wet honey pot in front of the camera. She doesn’t stop until she has an orgasm right in the bath tub! It’s one of my favorite Cute Joy video clips that I’ve downloaded yet!

See all of Cute Joy at her personal website.

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Advertising Cam Cam Girl

Local Newspaper Paper
11 June 2008
Personal section:

Has your sister ever done you wrong? Does she owe you coin? Has she trashed your things? Get your due payback and earn a few money. retaliation has never been so sweet. Bring Me Your Sister! Call 555-0199 today and ask for Richard.

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Delilah Cam Real Girl Daze’s Sweet Coed Coochy

I just got around to posting another video clip of the super-cute small brunette Delilah Daze on Real Colorado Girls. In addition to having the perkiest little titties I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing, Delilah has the absolutely sweetest little vagina I’ve ever laid eyes on – or filled with my monstrous throbbing schlong.

Delilah Daze Sweet Teen Pussy delilahdaze xxxp oldny bfc amateur teen booty petite gnd plts

Delilah Daze Sweet teenager Pussy

Imagine this tiny vagina taking the entire girth of my schlong…..  then get out your credit card and download the full video clip here or click on the picture to view the free trailer.

Fat Cock Tiny Pussy

Fat schlong tiny Pussy

Members of any one of my sites get full access to all of my sites so join today and start enjoying all of the Real Colorado Girls.

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Real Girl Sex Unplanned Campfire Sex Film

That’s right – this campfire movie of me and Acasha Binito was not planned and was never intended to be on Real Colorado Girls but it’s there now. It all started when Acasha Binito, her friend and I went camping – everyone was having a awesome time and her friend starting filming.

AcashaBinito outdoor amateur teen xxxp booty forgasm sbj bfc pussy shaved gnd amateur petite

Acasha Binito Teasing Us

Acasha was being creepy at first but soon I had her in a chair working her clitoris through her sweatpants – her girlfriend holding the camera while I rubbed a quick out for Acasha.

Acasha Binito Climaxing In Front Of The Fire

Helping Acasha Binito Climax In Front Of The Fire

Being the giving type, Real Colorado real girl Acasha Binito was soon giving me hummer in front of the fire in return for getting her off.

Acasha Binito Sucking Cock

Acasha Binito Samples A Wiener In Front Of The Fire

Acasha had already had a taste of wiener but I wanted to sample the bun I was going to put the wiener in – and trust me – it tasted as sweet as  it looks. Click on the picture to see the free trailer or click here to download the full video.

Campfire Muffin

Checking Out The Bun For My Wiener

Speaking of buns in front of a campfire ;)   – One thing about Acasha is she has a unmarred “bun” –

Stuffin The Muffin

Finally – The Wiener In The Bun

I put the full movie in the members area on Real Colorado Girls and I have additional shoots of Acasha on Bring Me Your Sister and Glass Mannequin – all included in your membership.

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