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Girl Sex Sex I Fucked Both His Sisters

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When Demon brought his youngest sister Thena to me after she dented the tank on his Harley, I was more than happy to fuck the skinny teenager cunt and help her earn a few coin to pay off the repairs. What I didn’t know at the time was the sick fucker Demon had another younger sister – and the older of the two, Kiri, had just screwed up his $1,300 turntable. Now as a DJ, Demon makes his living with his turntables and this stupid cunt threw a party at his flat and one of her “friends” wrecked the thing. Demon needs her to pay now and the poor little cunt is poor as a church mouse. And just like a church mouse, this little cunt would rather fuck than work.

Now, Kiri is a bit taller than her younger sister Thena but has the same pointy fun bags, flat tummy, and sweet fuckable muffin. One more thing – Kiri really likes jumbo cocks! It wasn’t hard to talk this sexy teenager cunt into making her first amateur sex smut clip – even if her brother was filming it – she just found it cool to be able to fuck for cash. By the time she got done sucking my pecker, her muffin was so wet that I was able to ram my hard pecker all the way in on the first stroke.

The slutty hussy moaned as I fucker her every way to Sunday but when I put her on top, she went crazy – riding my hard pecker like we were at the rodeo – lucky for me, she stayed on a bit longer than 8 seconds. Actually, I think we fucked for a bit more than 30 minutes before I blew my hot sticky cream all over this naughty cunt’s flat teenager tummy. She giggled and asked if she could come back and make another smut scene with me.

Of course, I told her – as long as you “Bring Me Your Sister

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Our Newest Girl Sex, Sami Girl Sex Sex!

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Everyone, this is Sami! She’s our newest BA blond and she came all the way to Brooklyn to get naked and take these photos in a kitchen just for YOU! Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it to the New Year’s Eve party…but she DID make it to the city to set a 5-girl orgy…that will be available soon, but first, get acquainted with her pics…then you can watch her vid!

MORE ALT smut pics HERE

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Josie And Cam Girl Sex Jayda – Amateur Sex Lesbo Sex

Josie and Jayda love fucking each other and it really shows in this amateur sex lesbian sex video. These two hot Colorado coeds had just got out of the hot tub and wanted to take their lesbo games a bit further. In this video scene, the two mischievous coeds use toys and tongues to get each other off. Both cam girls reach orgasm surprisingly quick but after watching it closely, I’m sure that both had a real lesbo orgasm – what do you think? You can see more of this lesbian video on Glass Mannequin.

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Cam Girl Sex Filming My Sister With A Meat In Her Cunt

Lucky for me I have a very sexy sister or this might be a little weird…..  Seriously though, my sisters are the ones that got me started in the smut business and I’ve been filming smut ever since Holie Marie pissed me off and forced me to pimp her out in her first clip back in 2008. Anistaija came shortly after Holie (in more than one way) and I did such a good job filming my youngest sister with a schlong in her coochie that the guys at Bring Me Your Sister that they hired me as their lead camera guy. Now I get to video other guys sister’s too – but today I’m back with my little sister again, the camera in my hand and a schlong in my sister’s great little coochie. That’s right, when I’m not filming my sister, I get to video other guys filming their sisters – often seeing then undressed for the fist time – and it’s all on Bring Me Your Sister for your viewing pleasure.

Of course, what good are words if I cant post a few free clip clips of my sister getting fucked? Click on the pictures of my little sister with a schlong in her cooch to see the free clips or join Bring Me Your Sister download the full clip in minutes.

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Filming My Sister Taking A Fat schlong In Her Cooch

I think it was Anistaija that originally got the family started in smut when she did a few undressed pics for Glass Mannequin (included in your Bring Me Your Sister membership). At the time she was always broke and  would do anything for a few money. In fact, she was so broke that she couldn’t pay me back after destroying my shit so I took her over to her “boss” and he let me video her in her first-ever old-young hardcore clip. Well, my little sister never learns so here I am again, a camera in my hand and a mammoth schlong stuffed deep in my very own sister‘s shaved little cunt.

Filming My Sister With A Cock In Her Cooch

Filming My Sister With A schlong In Her Cooch

So – although I haven’t filmed every smut my sisters ever made, I have had the luck to video them both a few times and it is because of them that I have a job as lead camera guy with the sick bastards that make the best amateur sex smut in the business. Bring Me Your Sister, Real Colorado Girls and Glass Mannequin – all three sites for one low price and all three packed with pics and vids of my sisters, Anistaija and Holie Marie.

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Cam Girl Sex Sex In The Garden

Real Colorado girl Anistaija is back and this time she’s getting fucked by an older man in the greenhouse. This summer fun sex video from the folks at Real Colorado Girls features the grand Anistaija – a Glass Mannequin original who has returned due to high demand from her fans.

Anistaija Sucks A Fat Cock In The Garden

Anistaija Sucks A Fat schlong In The Garden

Anistaija knows how to suck a cock and in this movie the talented young cocksucker blows a fat schlong then lies back, her undamaged natural knockers in the air and takes the full length of the fat schlong deep in her shaved little cunt.

Anistaija Sex In The Garden

Anistaija Sex In The Garden

But Anistaija fans hunger for to see her undamaged ass! So these closeups of Anistaija ass as she’s riding a fat schlong cowgirl style were taking just before her partner covered her undamaged ass with cream. Imagine grabbing that undamaged ass as you drive your schlong deep in that undamaged little cunt – then download and stream the full movie now.

Anistaija's Perfect Ass

Anistaija’s undamaged Ass

If you like these free hardcore pics of the grand Anistaija fucking in the garden, then take a look at the free trailer or then download and stream the full video.

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Too Many Neighbor Real Girls – Too Little Real Girl Time

OK – I’ve been remiss in posting to my blog so I’m going to d a little catchup. Since we filmed Kate Kelemen in her very first porno vid for Bring Me Your Sister this spring – I have fucked a few of my old favorites and a few of the new neighbor girls in Mr. Richard’s Neighborhood: Including the super hot Colorado girl sex next door Thena Sky, her girlfriend Kaydence Skye. I also got the chance to do body sets with the super sexy and super small Kyanna Raves and Piper Brady managed to piss her brother off enough that he showed up at my front door with her in tow.

Thena is an old friend and she still sneaks over to fuck me when her boyfriend is out of town. Since he was gone for a  few weeks, I took her to Las Vegas with we both took turns fucking Kaydence Skye. I took this picture of Thena and my camera guy right before I hammered her tight teenager vagina. Did I mention I made her suck my dick first? Then I bent her over and fucked her hard.

ThenaSky and my camera guy thenasky kyannaraves kaydenceskye piperbrady petite redhead braces athletic amateur teen brunette panties sisp xxxp plts pbts booty gnd

Thena Sky and my camera guy

Thena snapped this picture of the super sexy little teenager redhead Kaydence Skye right after I got done fucking her. That’s her brother’s arm in the picture near the bottom. She keeps pissing her brother off and he’ll keep dragging her back to me to fuck – that’s what I’m hoping for anyway.  Kaydence has a superlative teenager body and her round little butt is so fun to spank while you’re forcing your oversized dick in her dainty little vagina. You can see more of Kaydence on Bring Me Your Sister

Kaydence Skye after her 2nd hardcore shoot

Kaydence Skye after her 2nd hardcore shoot

After fucking Kyanna Raves for the first time on camera – I used her to give one of my buddies body shots! This cute little woman is brand new to porno but she sucks dick like she’s been doing it her whole life. Welcome Kyanna to the neighborhood!

Kyanna Raves does a body shot

Kyanna Raves does a body shot

Piper Brady is another new girl sex that just moved to the neighborhood. Like all sisters, Piper had pissed her brother off so he showed up at my door with her in tow. She had no idea when this picture was snapped that she would be fucking me before she left my dwelling. Piper has a cute smile, oversized natural melons and a real nice teenager booty.  I’ll have the vid of this 18 year old hottie up on the site as soon as I get done jerking off to it.

Piper Brady and her brother at my front door

Piper Brady and her brother at my front door

So – I’m back – I’ll be posting here a little more regularly so be sure to bookmark and come back. In the mean time, check out my sites: Glass Mannequin Girls, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister

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