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Hot Semen On My Sister Cam Girl Sex

My sister claims to be cunt-muncher and I was pretty sure because my fucking wife left me for my little sister. It was bad enough that my sister was fucking my wife, but the cunts would get in the room next door and make all kinds of fucking noise as I tried to sleep. When my wife told me she was leaving me for my sister, I had had enough – I wanted some vengeance. Then my sister said she would pay for the fucking divorce but the little cunt had no bucks. When I saw the add in the paper for pissed off brothers to get a bit of vengeance on their sisters and a little money too – I knew it was the amazing thing for my skank of a sister.

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Cum On My Sister

So, without telling her where we were going, I loaded the little cunt in my ride and took her to this guys abode. He sat her on his couch and told her he could help her pay for my divorce – all she had to do was make a smut video. She about shit but the little cunt had no choice – it was either fuck the old guy and get paid – or I would kick her ass. She finally agreed to do the sister smut video but she got all pissed off when the old guy told her that I was going to video it. Poor little sister – go fuck yourself and get your fucking clothes off you little skank.

So this old guy hands me a camera and starts going down on my little sister. My sister is moaning and whining like a little skank. The old guy sticks his penis in her little cooder and she moans – acts like she;’s never had penis in her life. Sure, I know she’s fucking my wife but the little skank has fucked plenty of dudes in her day.

So this guy fucks Butterfly Haze hard and I capture it all on video – then he pulls out and shoots this whopping load of hot spunk on my sister. It was fucking hit – then he put the video I made on – I told all my buddies and they’ve naow all seen the video I made of my sister fucking. dude, my sister’s a fucking skank.

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Friday Cam Girl Sex Sex Night At Tnt’s

It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve been able to sneak out and go to the titty bar so it was real nice to stop by my favorite watering hole and have a beer. As luck would have it, I ran into a few old friends and made a new one. Those of you that frequent this blog know that my favorite titty bar for chillin is ideal TnT’s in Colorado Springs and that’s where I spent the evening last night. To tell the truth – I had planned on staying dwelling and working on editing a new shoot for Real Colorado real girls but Hannah (stripper name Foxxy) called me around 6:30 and asked for a ride to work – and who am I to say no to a stripper?

Anyway, when I arrived I was pleasantly surprised to see that Anistaija (stripper name Sapphire) was again working at TnT’s. Anistaija was one of my first models and still one of the sexiest women I know. In fact, I had been working on a gallery of her pics when Hannah called me. This gallery was from one of the first photo shoots I had ever done – at the time, she had just turned 18 and was a little shyer than she is now – go figure.

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Anistaija (Sapphire) In One Of Her First naked Shoots

As usual, TnT’s was packed with super sexy strippers and I can only recommend that you stop by and say hi to Sapphire, Foxxy, Porsche, misbehaving “L” (sorry but she dances by one of those forbidin names in the internet world) ;-) – and she’s every bit as young-looking, petite and sexy as her forbiddin name implies. I’ll be back to get more dances from misbehaving “L” next week. Check back to see how I fare :-)

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Cam Cam Girl Sabina Sweet Auditions

Sabina Sweet says she always wanted to do smut but she never imagined that her first smut video clip would be filmed by her brother. Even though her brother filmed her in her first porn, we actually met Sabina through one of our best models, the beautiful and very froward Gracelynn Moans. Gracelynn was visiting friends and Sabina and her brother were there. She told them that should give us a call and the rest is history. But you all came here to see a few audition photograph, brought to you by Bring Me Your Sister, so here you go.

The set started well but poor little Sabina was real nervous. It didn’t help that her brother and I were teasing her every chance we got…. but all in good fun. Soon I had Sabina in her bra and briefs – this was the first time that I realized how absolutely great Sabina’s knockers are. I was starting to get excited ;-) .

Sabina Sweet Teen Porn Audition

Sabina Sweet teen smut Audition

I also thought you might want to see a few smut audition galleries so here are the links: Sabina Sweet – New Sister Auditions, But My Brother’s Watching, Dude – Your Sister Has A little Little Cunt, and I Made Your Sister Suck The jizz Off My Cock. Now remember, the only way we can bring the worlds best sister smut to our viewers is if a few of you join Bring Me Your Sister. do it today and I’ll throw in full access to my other two sites, Real Colorado Girls and Glass Mannequin for free.

But you came here to hear about Sabina’s teen smut audition…  I soon had Sabina’s bra off and her great 36 D’s wet exposed to me, her brother and the world for the first time. She looked over with a bit of apprehension as I fingered her wet little pussy through her briefs and her brother filmed it all.

Sabina Sweet Teen Porn Audition

Sabina Sweet teen smut Audition

But this is supposed to be a Bring Me Your Sister hardcore set so skipping right past the grand blow job images, here’s one of my favorite photograph of Sabina riding my dick. Poor little Sabina must not have been with very many men, or at least not many men with monster peckers because she has one of the tightest little vaginas I’ve ever stuffed my fat dick into.  Join to download the full video.

Sabina Sweet Teen Porn Audition

Sabina Sweet teen smut Audition

I love reverse cowgirl…  It lets one see the best parts of the woman and with a girl sex as sexy as Sabina,we all want to see those great natural knockers, her sexy belly and her sweet little shaved pussy. It also lets the brother get real close to his sister’s pussy. In the video clip you can see the grand angles her brother is getting in her first-ever smut video clip.  Join to download the full video.

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Sabina Sweet teen smut Audition

Join Bring Me Your Sister to download the full video clip – join today and I’ll throw in full access to my other two sites, Real Colorado Girls and Glass Mannequin for free.

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Fiery Redheaded College Girl Susanna Cam Girl Gets Her Natural Rack Cumshoted

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If you like to watch glamour models giving a hummer rock hard pricks and then getting their faces creamed then Darling Cumshots is the perfect place for you! Susanna is one of the new real girls at Hypnotic Cumshots but she has already proven that she is worth the video tape. This sexy redhead sucks pecker so damn good that nobody can resist her. Click here and watch how Susanna sucks her dude’s prick and gives this blazing bastard the best hummer ever! This slutty vixen sucks his pecker for so long that he can’t hold it any longer and cums all over Susanna’s perfectly shaped hooters !

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Real Girl Sex Colorado Girls Like To Suck Immense Meat

Anistaija VioletLittle bj bc brunette teen amateur xxx gnd bgg orgy plts bntsI’ve had an oral fantasy for as long as I can remember but watching these two Colorado teens sucking Ricky’s cock made me lust after to whip out my own hard penis and stuff it in these coed sluts face. Lucky for you, I had my shoot camera with me and filmed these two sluts sucking on Ricky’s hard cock.

These two coed girls had never fucked together but they did more than suck this large cock – after swallowing as much of Ricky’s cock as that could handle, Anistaija spread her tight coed cunt and let Ricky slide his hard prick in and Violet Little licked her puffy clitoris. Oral cam girl-cam girl sex with a substantial cock stuffed into one of the tight coed snatches – my kind of lovin. After Anistaija had her fill of Ricky’s large cock, she started doing 69 sex with Violet as Ricky fucked Violet dogie style. Ricky railed Violet’s wet cunt as Anistaija licked her cunt – amateur sex porno at it’s best.

By this point, My cock was bulging in my pants but despite my long for to drop the camera and join in, I kept on filming the coed threesome. They switched up again and Ricky again fucked Anistaija’s now soakig wet vagina till he shot hot jizz all over her firm coed titties – then I filmed the giggling coed floozy Violet as she licked the still warm jizz from Anistaija’s hard nipples.

You can see a teaser of this shoot here or sign up at and see the entire DVD quality shoot of this hot coed threesome.

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